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We are still open during these uncertain times and have put in place extra cleaning processes to ensure we do our best to keep our staff and our customers safe.

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  1. 5 Signs Your Car Air Con Needs Repair

      March 17 2020

    Your car’s air conditioner provides the relief you need during the summer heat and has numerous benefits for your vehicle. It is easy to forget about your air conditioner until something goes wrong.  To avoid the discomfort and possible long term issues of an improperly functioning car air conditioner, it is important to be aware […]


  2. February Tyre Promotion – Falken Tyres

      February 5 2020

      For the month of February 2020, come into Highfields Mechanical for your new tyres and wheel alignment, and take advantage of this special ‘BUY THREE GET ONE FREE’ ZE914 Tyres offer from Falken Tyres. We recommend Falken Tyres due to their high performance, durability and elegance. Get into Highfields Mechanical and don’t miss out. […]


  3. Do Electric Cars Require More Maintenance?

      January 22 2020

    With the downsides of petrol and diesel fuels becoming more evident, hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are emerging as an appealing choice for road users. As well as having higher green credentials than their conventional counterparts, they also score points for being cheaper to run, with powering up costing a fraction of conventional fueling per […]


  4. The Most Challenging Off Road Trails in Australia

      February 6 2019

    Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is especially true if you are planning to set  an adventure into the woods for this most challenging off road adventure in Australia. Australia and Your 2019 Off Road Adventure Australia is a home to some of the best off road driving tracks in the world. […]


  5. Off Road Driving Tips – Highfields Offroad Climax Suspension

      January 21 2019

    Off Road Driving Tips- Highfields Offroad Climax Suspension Australia is the perfect place to complete your 4×4 adventure because of its wild mountains, deserts, rain forests, and coastline. It is the ideal destination when exploring and pushing your driving skills to the limit. Off Road Driving Tips when in Australia Australia is the perfect place […]



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