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  1. What is my Tow Capacity? Everything You Need to Know about Legal Tow Weights

      June 28 2022

      Heading out for a weekend of camping or a caravanning trip is, undoubtedly, a favourite Aussie holiday. But caravanners and trailer-towers are getting caught out at a massive rate, with their vehicles found to be either overweight or their weight distribution uneven. As reported by the ABC in June, a police blitz found this […]


  2. How Often Should I Get a Car Aircon Regas?

      June 22 2022

      Most people don’t give much thought to their car’s air conditioning system until it stops working on a hot day. While your car’s climate control is easily overlooked, the truth is that it is one of the most important systems for maintaining your comfort levels on the road. A problem with your air conditioner […]


  3. How Often Should I Get My Tyres Checked?

      May 9 2022

      Tyres are rarely the first thing to come to mind when most people think of a car’s safety features. However, tyres are actually one of the most important parts of a vehicle’s safety because they connect your car to the road. Like most components of your car, tyres are prone to wear and tear […]


  4. What’s Wrong with My Car Transmission? Signs of Car Transmission Fault

      April 19 2022

      The transmission is one of the most important parts of your vehicle. Responsible for changing your gears and transferring power to the drive train, there’s no denying how vital it is that your transmission is functioning properly. A poor transmission makes it more difficult for drivers to safely accelerate and reach the speed limit, […]


  5. Fuel prices got you down? Give these tips a try!

      March 21 2022

      It’s no secret that fuel prices are skyrocketing. After two years of a pandemic and now war in Ukraine, it’s easy to feel the hip-pocket wearing thin with each trip to the bowser. But, while there’s a good chance high fuel prices will be sticking around like gum on your shoe, there are some […]


  6. How often should you get your car serviced?

      February 11 2022

      Getting regular car servicing is the best way to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently year-round. How often you require a car service will depend on your vehicle – if your car is old, has experienced significant wear and tear or is driven every day, you may need to get a car service more often […]


  7. Why are my car’s brakes squeaking?

      January 27 2022

      It isn’t uncommon to hear a squeaking sound coming from your brakes from time to time. This can be due to a number of factors including dust being on the brake pads or general wear. When deciding whether your brakes need attention, it’s best to assess the situations in which they’re squeaking. Firstly, it’s […]


  8. Why is my steering wheel shaking at high speeds?

      December 18 2021

      When driving, it’s important that you always feel in control of your vehicle, especially at high speeds. A persistent shaking coming from your car’s steering wheel shouldn’t be ignored as it can be incredibly dangerous. This is why drivers benefit from understanding some of the issues’ most common causes. Being able to trust your […]


  9. The importance of wheel alignment

      November 18 2021

      In order to keep your vehicle moving in the same direction and keep you safe on the road, it’s important to get your wheel alignment checked every 10,000km or twice a year, whichever comes first. A wheel alignment service involves manually adjusting the suspension of your vehicle to ensure each component in your system […]


  10. What you need to know about 4WDs – The Basics

      October 19 2021

      If you’ve made a car purchase recently, there’s a good chance it was an SUV. With the rise of these popular cars in the market, more Australians are buying four-wheel-drives more than ever before. Today’s 4WDs aren’t just for transport – they’re lifestyle vehicles, effortlessly blending traditional practicality with all the benefits of an […]



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