4×4 Exhaust

Highfields Offroad offers a great range of performance replacement exhausts for your vehicle.

Choose from the following leading brands for your 4×4 exhaust system:

  • Legendex
  • Genie Performance
  • Pacemaker KingBrown

To enhance the performance, turbo operation and sound from your 4×4.

By sourcing the above brands which use the very latest in manufacturing and bending technologies together with the very best suited materials such as OEM grade 409 Stainless Steel, Highfields Offroad is able to offer the very best 4×4 performance exhausts available.

409 Stainless Steel is designed to stretch and flex from the normal tension loads generated by heat stress and engine vibration. Each exhaust system, as well as being stainless steel, is also coated by the individual manufacturers to help keep your system looking and performing great for years to come.

So whether you’re just stuck in the daily grind of day to day traffic or plan to tow the caravan to the centre of Australia, Highfields Offroad has an exhaust system built tough enough to take on the largest of Aussie challengers!

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