4×4 Snorkels

Four-wheel drivers around the world know that quality air snorkel systems are an integral part of their vehicle.

Snorkels are a popular add-on for 4WDs, and no vehicle engaged in off-road driving should be without one.

Designed to protect your engine from dust and water by elevating the position at which air intake occurs, 4WD snorkels equip your vehicle to perform feats such as water crossings and desert driving. By delivering a continuous supply of cooler air to the engine, they can also enhance overall performance and efficiency. 

The team at Highfields Offroad are specialists in fitting out vehicles for rugged touring and off-road applications. Whatever make or model your 4WD, we can supply you with the right snorkel for your needs and install it on your vehicle. 

Leading Brands

We supply a range of high-quality snorkels from brands such as: 

  • Safari Snorkels 
  • Airtec Snorkels
  • Fatz Fabrication. 

We only sell snorkels that have been thoroughly tested and tooled to help your vehicle withstand Australian terrains, and manufactured to the highest standards in durable materials with superior sealing. 

Superior Engine Protection

Our snorkels incorporate the Charge Air Ram. The inclusion of this feature adds a highly effective water separator system that removes rainwater from the incoming air stream. This ensures safe engine operation in conditions ranging from torrential tropical storms to high altitude snowfalls. 

UV-Stable Materials

Off-road driving in Australia exposes your vehicle to harsh UV rays that can degrade its components and accessories.

For that reason, our snorkels are constructed from industry-leading polymer materials that exceed Australian standards for UV stability, which are not typically met by lesser quality snorkels made outside of Australia.

Buying your snorkel from us means it will have superior longevity with higher durability across its lifespan. 

To find out more about choosing and installing a 4WD snorkel that’s right for your vehicle, get in touch with Highfields Offroad today.

To discuss the best snorkel for your vehicle and get it installed, call us today on (07) 4696 7116 to talk to our expert team or book an appointment online using our easy booking form.

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