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Highfields offroad offers a range of lighting to suit every 4x4s enthusiast requirements and budget.

With Halogen, LED and HID technology, Highfields Offroad has you covered for all your lighting requirements.

We use and recommend FYRLYT, DRIVETECH 4×4, KORR, as well as other excellent brands and have your vehicle covered from front to rear, with Spotlights, Bar Lights, Reverse Lights, Work Lights and strip lights all available. As well as a full in house fitting service by our fully qualified technicians and auto electrician.

Halogen Lights – For the best light on the market for natural colour, excellent distance, great build quality, aftermarket backup and service and less fatiguing for the vehicle occupants, use FYRLYT Driving lights. Great quality and value and the best halogen lights on the market.

LED lights – For high output from low wattage, higher kelvin (light colour) outputs and white light, versatile design in Spots, bars, and for mounting small lights in secluded places, LED will cover your vehicle all around. We have a great range available from DRIVETECH, KORR, EFS and Lightforce to cover your vehicle

HID Lights – For high intensity, long-distance driving lights that provide high kelvin (light colour) output, with genuine distance and light volume ask about our HID options for your vehicle.

Accessories – As well as lights, we can also supply you with wiring harness kits, bullbar mounts, marine kits, camp kits, interior vehicle lights and many more accessories to light up your night.

Please contact the professional team at Highfield Offroad to discuss your lighting needs. Call us on (07) 4696 7116  today, or use our online booking form.

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