Electric and Hybrid Vehicle Servicing

Hybrid and electric vehicles are emerging as a resource-efficient alternative to conventional models that run entirely on petrol or diesel.

While these vehicles are still far from the norm, an increasing number of drivers are being drawn to the lower operating costs and higher green credentials of electric and hybrid cars. 

As wonderful as these vehicles are, correctly maintaining them does require specialist knowledge. To get optimal performance and lifespan out of your investment, you’ll need an experienced electric vehicle mechanic who understands both conventional engines and electric motors.

The team at Highfields Mechanical has the knowledge, skills and tools to service these complex vehicles across all major models, including Tesla, Toyota Prius and Toyota Camry Hybrid. Battery repair, reconditioning and replacement can all be carried out onsite in our fully equipped workshop, along with general and log book servicing for electric and hybrid vehicles.

Our work is of the highest quality and will not interfere with your manufacturer’s warranty, so we’re a great alternative to your dealership for all your electric vehicle servicing needs. 

Next time you need a hybrid or electric vehicle mechanic, look no further than Highfields Mechanical. To book in your vehicle or speak to our team, call us now on (07) 4696 7116, or fill out our easy online booking form

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