How to Prepare Your Car for Summer

When summer arrives, the last thing any driver wants is to find out their car isn’t prepared for Australia’s scorching heat. Protecting yourself from the most intense summer temperatures is about more than preparing for a hot steering wheel or seatbelts. A bit of car maintenance before December arrives can make all the difference between a comfortable drive and breaking down in the heat.

Summer car tips

Right before summer is a great time to have your annual car service, ensuring everything is perfect and ready for the warmer months ahead. Whether your vehicle needs its engine diagnostics checked or could use a car battery replacement, a car general service will get your vehicle working at its best again.

Beyond regular maintenance, the most effective ways to protect your vehicle from the summer heat include ensuring your air conditioner is working properly, keeping the coolant topped up and making use of a sunshade.

Get an air conditioner repair or service

Given that you aren’t likely to use your car’s air conditioner throughout winter, it can be easy to forget how crucial it is when spring and summer arrive. Many drivers underestimate the importance of a regas to keep their car’s air conditioning system running well and may find themselves with sub-optimal cooling when it is needed most. 

Depending on how frequently you use your air conditioning, it is recommended that you get a car air conditioning service completed every one to two years. This will include a regas and a check of the vents, filter and refrigerant hose.

Fill up the coolant

One of the more common issues faced by drivers in the summer is their car overheating unexpectedly. This generally occurs when there is not enough coolant, resulting in an urgent warning on the dashboard. If your engine is overheating, you need to stop driving immediately. 

In an emergency, you can use water instead of coolant, but it won’t be as effective at keeping your engine safe. It is essential to fill up your coolant as soon as possible to prevent major damage to your vehicle.

By keeping your coolant at the right levels, your cooling systems will be able to regulate the engine’s temperature, which keeps your vehicle working and you safe on the road. 

Make use of a sunshade

There are multiple benefits to using a sunshade to protect your car during the summer. Sunshades are best known for keeping the worst of the heat away, especially when it comes to the parts of your car that will become the hottest, such as the seatbelts, the steering wheel and the dash. 

However, another important benefit of a sunshade is that it protects the interior of your vehicle by reflecting UV rays. The increased UV exposure found in Australia can have a devastating impact on the materials within your car, especially if there is any leather present. If your car is not parked under cover on a hot day, it is best to be using a sunshade as often as possible.

Getting your vehicle ready for summer will make a huge difference when it comes to your comfort on the road. If you need a car service or some repairs to prepare for the summer heat, the team at Highfields Mechanical is here to help. Simply give our friendly team a call on (07) 4646 1780 or complete our contact form to hear back from us shortly, so you can be driving comfortably no matter the temperature outside.