How often should you get your car serviced?

Getting regular car servicing is the best way to ensure your vehicle runs efficiently year-round. How often you require a car service will depend on your vehicle – if your car is old, has experienced significant wear and tear or is driven every day, you may need to get a car service more often than drivers with newer, lower kilometre vehicles.

As a general rule, getting your car serviced by a qualified car mechanic every six months or 10,000km is sufficient. However, you should be aware of how your vehicle is performing and book it in for a car service sooner if it isn’t behaving how you expect. 

How you use your car is also an important consideration for determining when you should get a car service. If your vehicle is used for towing large machinery – such as trailers, caravans or boats – it’s likely that you’ll require a car service more often than the general 10,000km or six-month rule. Vehicles that travel large distances and are used extremely regularly may also need to be serviced more often than the guidelines state. This is because your car is likely under more stress than a normal vehicle. 

Why should I service my car?

A regular car service is one of the easiest and most efficient ways to look after your vehicle. By getting regular car servicing, your mechanic will minimise the likelihood of (potentially costly) future problems arising. This not only saves you money in the long run but also ensures that you don’t have to go without a car for extended periods of time.

Increased longevity 

In addition, getting a car service by a qualified car mechanic helps to improve the life of your vehicle, meaning you’ll likely be able to drive it for many more years than a car that hasn’t been serviced regularly. Periodic maintenance minimises the chance of costly wear and tear that could cause your car to become unroadworthy, thereby keeping you on the road for longer. 

Higher resale

By keeping on top of your car servicing, you also help to increase the resale value of your car. Prospective owners will see that your car is in a good condition for its age and number of kilometres driven, putting you at a competitive edge to sell your car for a higher value than poorly looked after vehicles. 

Maintain manufacturer’s warranty

Regular car servicing will also help to maintain your manufacturer’s warranty, which is both beneficial while you own the vehicle and when you’re looking to sell it. If your vehicle is under warranty, you will be able to fix parts and issues with the support of your vehicle’s manufacturer, keeping your car running smoothly year after year and benefiting you financially when it comes time to sell.

Keeping you safe

On top of all the other benefits, the most important reason to get a car service is to help keep you safe on the road. A serviced vehicle will work more efficiently and be able to handle more dangerous conditions, so that you have peace of mind knowing your car is as safe as possible every time you drive.

What types of car services are there?

There are several types of services that your car will receive over its lifespan. These include: 

  • General service
  • Logbook service
  • Air conditioning service
  • Auto electrical service
  • Brakes & clutch service

Your car mechanic will be able to identify which service you need based on manufacturer’s guidelines or after a preliminary inspection of your car. As a general rule, new cars will require a logbook service whereas older cars require a general service, also known as the six-monthly or every 10,000km service.

For a logbook service, the qualified car mechanic will follow the service guidelines set out by your car manufacturer to ensure that the vehicle’s warranty is maintained. The logbook states when a mechanic is required to inspect and replace specific parts and fluids within the vehicle. By getting a regular logbook service, you will help maintain the high standard of your new car. 

When conducting a general car service, your mechanic will not follow a logbook. Instead, they will complete a comprehensive inspection of your vehicle and then diagnose and repair any issues within the scope of your service. In instances where your mechanic has discovered a larger problem, you will be involved in the decision making before any repairs occur.

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