Getting Your Car Ready for Winter

As the weather starts to cool down and foggy mornings get more common across Queensland, it becomes more important to get your car ready for winter. 

Whether you are heading south in search of snow, going somewhere rainy, or staying local this winter, having a mechanic check over your car will drastically increase your safety on the road.

The Highfields Mechanical team is here with all the winter driving tips you need to stay safe when faced with the difficult conditions the colder months can present.

Be prepared for different conditions

When it comes to winter driving, Queensland locals generally don’t have to worry about heavy rain, since the wet months have already passed. Instead, thick fog caused by high humidity can present a significant challenge to drivers, especially during early mornings. 

When driving through fog, always keep your headlights on, in addition to your fog lights if you have them. It is also worth making sure your windshield wipers are replaced if needed, as you may need them to help defog your windows.

Although Queensland is much warmer than other Australian states during the winter, having your car’s heating system checked over by a professional will help you stay comfortable during crisp mornings and cool nights.

Check your brakes

One of the most important things to remember when getting your car ready for winter is to check your brakes and have them serviced if necessary. Foggy conditions mean that your visibility on the road is significantly decreased, which is why having brakes in good condition is essential.

It is recommended to have a brake service every six months, or once a year at the very least. A few seconds can make all the difference in an emergency, so whether you’re driving around Toowoomba or along the Bruce Highway, quality brakes in good condition can save your life.

Check your tyres

After a long summer of hot and wet conditions, your tyre tread may be wearing thin. You can check the tread of your tyres yourself, or you can bring your vehicle to a qualified mechanic for some basic car servicing and a tyre check-up. 

Given that visibility can be reduced on foggy mornings, it is important to make sure your tyres are always in good condition. Regularly checking your tyres for punctures and rips, as well as keeping the pressure at the right levels will make a big difference when it comes to your safety on the road.

Check your lights and battery

The final point on your car checklist for winter is to check that the electrical components of your vehicle are in good condition. This is the biggest reason to book your annual general car service for a month or so before winter arrives, as an auto electrician will be able to diagnose any electrical issues present.

The last thing any driver wants on a foggy morning is to find that their headlights aren’t working due to an electrical fault, or get stuck with a dying car battery. Cold weather can cause the battery to become sluggish, and its ability to supply power to your car can be diminished. 

Even after having an auto electrician check your battery’s health, it is always a good idea to check that your headlights and tail lights are working properly before driving in foggy conditions.

Trust us to get your car ready for winter

If you want peace of mind that you’ve done everything right on your winter car maintenance checklist before the cold weather arrives, the team at Highfields Mechanical is here to help. Driving with a recently serviced car during winter can make all the difference to your safety on the road.

If you need a car service in the Toowoomba area, get in touch with the Highfields Mechanical team on (07) 4646 1780 or complete our online booking form to make an appointment today.