The Most Challenging Off Road Trails in Australia

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. This is especially true if you are planning to set  an adventure into the woods for this most challenging off road adventure in Australia.

Australia and Your 2019 Off Road Adventure

Australia is a home to some of the best off road driving tracks in the world. It has open paved and wide roads perfect for road trippers. Australia has hundreds of off road routes leading you to some wonderful scenery.

However, always think of these things when looking for tracks to drive on:

The weather

Tracks are given ranking. Despite that, conditions of tracks may change and get harder when it’s raining.


Keep in mind how many kilometers is the track and how long will it take you to finish the track.This will help you properly plan if you have sufficient fuel.

The Track Difficulty

You have to assess what level of difficulty the track is. This will help you properly assess if you are skilled enough to finish this track.


Rocky tracks are harder to drive. This makes it important for you to know what kind of landscape you are trekking.

Are you now ready for your 4×4 Adventure? Here some of the most challenging and best off road tails in Australia.

Mossman River Gorge

Many dare to enter this lush tropical rainforest because of its promise of crystal clear Mossman river. This makes it one of the best possible spots to explore, however doing an adventure inside its realm is quite challenging because it can be very busy due to its proximity to Cairns.

After your challenging off road trail adventure, just hike a few more to start seeing crystal clear swimming holes. Watch this video to know what to expect.

Black Mountain

Black Mountain is a decomposing granite mountain made up of black boulders due to the organisms that cling to its exterior. This makes it appear as  solid black monolith looming over the primeval forest from a distance. However, a closer look will reveal it as a gigantic granite boulder.

Elim Beach

Elim is described as “one of Australia’s best bush-beach camping spots.” It is a remote area on aboriginal lands home to pristine beaches and amazing sunsets.

Just keep in mind to observe distance because the water here is filled with saltwater crocodiles. However here is a glimpse of what you need to go through before enjoying this wonderful view.

Lakefield National Park

Lakefield National Park is huge. In fact, it is the largest national park in the Peninsula and the second largest in Queensland.

It is filled with tidal rivers, vast plains and plenty of bird-rich billabongs. However, the great thing about Lakefield National Park is that it has no paved roads, but some mud pits that you need to conquer:

Old Telegraph Track

The Old Telegraph Track is typically narrow with some sections very rocky and eroded. But during the dry season in Australia, this becomes a very rough road to access.

Come here well-prepared since it is filled with Honda Civic-high water crossings and steep muddy banks. Be extra careful or else your vehicle might just roll. Just look at this:

Still a newbie? Send us a message and we will help you get started.


Explore now the best off road destinations in Australia because an off road is  always more than just fun and adventure but it also comes with several valuable lessons and skills to remember.

Get rolling with the right 4wd accessories. Send us a message through our facebook account and have a complete off road adventure, today.

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