Why Is Your Car’s Suspension So Important?

Your vehicle’s suspension system plays a crucial part in keeping you safe on the road. By managing the friction between the road and your tyres, the suspension system keeps you in control of the vehicle.

Car suspension that isn’t working properly might not seem like a pressing issue, but when left to deteriorate it can quickly become dangerous. The suspension has an impact on your steering, handling, and how the car manages over difficult terrains. 

Does My Suspension Need Repairs?

The suspension system on most vehicles is hardy and can last a long time without needing repairs, but it can also be damaged easily, generally through deep potholes, off-road driving, and hitting a rock or the curb.

If your suspension needs a service or repairs, you can usually tell through some common signs. Unexpected noises are often a sign of poor suspension, particularly while driving over bumps in the road. Difficulty with inclines, even small ones, or poor handling can also indicate an issue with your suspension system. Lastly, if your car vibrates while driving, it is time to get your vehicle checked by the professionals.

Driving with poor suspension is not recommended. Since you will be driving with suboptimal handling, you’ll be more likely to find yourself in an accident, leading to costly repairs, and more importantly, putting yourself in danger.

If your auto suspension isn’t at its best, you should get it serviced or repaired by a professional mechanic. Don’t leave your safety to chance.

What Does A Car Suspension Service Look Like?

A car’s suspension system is largely made of shock absorbers and struts which help you maintain control of the vehicle and reduce the impact of heavy bumps. When getting suspension servicing or repairs, a mechanic will closely check these parts and determine if any need to be replaced.

If one of the shocks needs replacing, it’s best to change all of them, allowing your car to handle evenly. It’s also important that quality parts are used, either of the manufacturer’s standard or higher.

Professional Auto Suspension Repairs

Highfields Mechanical is proudly partnered with the Bosch Car Service Network, giving you assurance that our mechanics are professionally trained, meeting the high standards of all Bosch workshops.

We’re your local experts when it comes to auto suspension, having the knowledge and tools necessary to provide suspension servicing and repairs. We ensure that our workshop is constantly updated with the best available equipment, making our repairs as smooth and effective as possible.

Issues with a car’s suspension are hard to diagnose and repair without the right tools and experience. Leave it to the experts at Highfields Mechanical to get the job done right. When you leave our workshop after a car suspension service, your vehicle will be driving smoother than ever.

If you have concerns about your car’s suspension system, get in touch with our friendly team on (07) 4696 7116 or fill out our booking form online.

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