Logbook Servicing and Why It’s Important

A logbook service, also known as a handbook service, is recommended every 10,000 kms your vehicle is driven, or every six months. It involves qualified mechanics bringing your vehicle up to manufacturer standard. 

A logbook service might include replacing old parts with new ones or refilling fluids that keep your vehicle running smoothly.

Keep your vehicle covered under warranty

If you want to keep your vehicle covered under its warranty, regular logbook servicing is the minimum requirement set by dealers. If you don’t have a record of logbook servicing and something goes wrong you can be refused repairs by the dealership because your warranty is void.

By keeping up to date with the recommended servicing schedule, you keep your warranty intact, saving you potentially thousands of dollars if anything goes wrong.

When you bring your vehicle to a trustworthy mechanic, you can rest assured that everything is being carried out with your best interests in mind. A qualified mechanic will give you the full picture.

Sell your vehicle for more money

A well-maintained vehicle always commands a better price than one which hasn’t been looked after. Regular logbook servicing provides you with proof that your vehicle is in the best possible condition, resulting in higher resale value. 

If a prospective buyer asks how well the vehicle has been kept, it’s helpful to show them an up-to-date logbook, proving that you’ve taken good care of it. With each logbook service you’ll receive a stamp from the qualified mechanic. This gives the buyer assurance that they’re purchasing a quality vehicle, while helping you get more money out of it.

Have a reliable history of your vehicle

Some people have trouble keeping track of the servicing they’ve received for their vehicle, which is why a logbook service can be so helpful. When you keep up with the dealer’s recommendations, you’ve got a detailed history of your services, including when your next one is due.

This is also helpful if you have to take your vehicle in for repairs. A mechanic can quickly identify problems with a detailed history of previous services. This saves you both time and money, since the mechanic can get the job done efficiently.

Save money on repairs

It’s a well-known fact that maintenance is cheaper than repairs. By regularly servicing your car, you can prevent major breakdowns and expensive repair costs. It’s in your best interest to keep your vehicle in the best condition possible, preventing a potentially disastrous damage later on.

When you get regular logbook servicing, you spend a little in order to save a lot later. Combined with all the other benefits, it’s the obvious choice.

If you’re due for a logbook service around the Toowoomba area, the Highfields Mechanical team is here to help. You can speak to our experienced staff on (07) 4696 7116  or fill out our simple online booking form and we’ll get back to you soon.

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