Is Your Car Battery in Good Health?

There are a significant number of factors that determine the lifespan of your car battery, including how well you take care of it. 

Most cars will need a car battery replacement service between two to five years, but how do you know when your battery is nearing the end of its life?

Signs That Your Battery Is Dying

Requiring regular jump starts

If you are regularly relying on a car battery jump starter to get your vehicle working, it may be time to have your battery checked professionally. Even if your battery is brand new, needing frequent jump starts is a sign that something is wrong.

If it is new, the car battery warranty should have you covered. If not, the battery has probably run through its lifespan.

Engine struggles

Your battery may be close to dying if you have difficulty turning your engine on, requiring multiple attempts to do so. Although this can simply be because of cold weather or other issues, if it is regularly a problem you may want to think about replacing your car battery.

Lights don’t come on

Your car’s lights not turning on is one of the most common signs that your car battery is in poor condition. All electrical components of your vehicle are powered by the battery, including lights.

If you want to know whether your battery is causing issues, try turning the interior lights or headlights on. If the lights are not working, it is likely that the battery is the problem.

How to Look After Your Car Battery

Be careful with your car’s electricals

It is important to be careful with your car’s electrical systems, as they can damage and drain the battery when used incorrectly. When your engine is on, your battery is being charged by the alternator. If you use electrical components—such as lights, air conditioning and radio—while the engine is off, you will be draining the battery.

Try to limit the use of electrical components while the car is off, and make sure they are turned off before cutting the ignition. If you leave these components on, they can damage the battery when the ignition starts again.

Adapt good car habits

If you want to increase the lifespan of your car battery, there are a couple of things you can do. Firstly, make sure that your car gets a longer drive every once in a while, if you usually only use it for shorter trips. Doing so will give your battery enough time to properly charge.


When the weather is cold, keeping your car in the garage can also help, since low temperatures can strain the battery. Extremely hot weather also has a negative effect, reducing the energy a battery can generate.

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