How Does 4×4 Suspension Work?

The suspension system of your vehicle is one of its most important parts, as it is responsible for your vehicle’s handling and ride feel on the road. Two cars are unlikely to have the same type of suspension, so it is important to have professional mechanics assess yours if you experience any issues.

If you don’t keep on top of your suspension’s condition, you may quickly find that your vehicle is handling and steering poorly. If this is the case, it is time to get some replacement parts or take your car in for a service by a mechanic.

What Makes a Suspension System?

The suspension system in each 4×4 vehicle model is unique, consisting of many different components. Although the designs may be different, each car suspension works to serve the same purpose—to keep your vehicle driving smoothly, help you steer properly, absorb bumps, and keep your tyres in contact with the road.

Your car’s suspension is made up of springs and shock absorbers or dampers, while also having many smaller parts, including linkages, arms and joints, bushings and axle carriers.  Springs carry the weight of the vehicle and keep the tyres on the road while allowing the vehicle to move up and down when you drive over bumpy roads or potholes, preventing damage to your car. Dampers — also known as shock absorbers — and the strut, also help absorb bumps and shocks by working with the springs and control the energy or oscillation of the spring to provide a smooth ride and improve control and handling.

Anti-sway bars are an important part of most suspension systems, ensuring that movement on one wheel applies to the other, giving you a smoother drive over difficult terrain. Other parts, such as the bushes and joints, link the other pieces of the suspension system together.

Because your car’s suspension has so many different parts, they can deteriorate at different rates. Sometimes, you may need to buy individual 4×4 suspension parts. At Highfields Mechanical, we have everything you need to get your suspension working at its best again, whether you are looking for 4×4 accessories, suspension upgrade or a complete service.

Take Care of Your Suspension

It can be difficult to find a good suspension mechanic, seeing as there are so many different suspension systems with their own requirements. When you choose Highfields Mechanical, you will be getting a 4×4 and light vehicle mechanic that gives you the best suspension service and repairs.

The mechanics at Highfields Mechanical will ensure that your vehicle is in top condition, complete with excellent suspension. With our “SafeTstop” suspension and brake test lane we can quickly and accurately diagnose your suspension, brakes and alignment. Toowoomba residents consider us among the most trusted mechanics around, knowledgeable on all things car suspension and repairs.

If it’s time to have your suspension checked or serviced, get in contact with the experienced team at Highfields Mechanical today. Give us a call on (07) 4646 1780, or book an appointment online with our easy booking form.

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