Essential 4WD Accessories: A Beginners Guide

Whether you’re looking for a new hobby, or simply want to go on a cross country adventure, offroading could be perfect for you. To get the most out of your first offroad adventure, it is important to be well prepared and pack appropriately. 

We’ve created a list of essential 4WD accessories that we recommend for your offroad survival kit.

Recovery gear

Your 4WD is designed to tackle a variety of terrains.

No matter how big of a beast your 4WD may be, you may still find yourself stuck in sand or mud. If you’re struggling to get your vehicle back in motion, you will need the assistance of 4WD recovery gear to get back on track.

For example, recovery gear may include tracks that help shovel dirt away from your tyres or recovery ropes that will help you drag your 4WD out of a mess.

First aid kit

Unfortunately, accidents can happen on the road. It’s extremely important that you have a well-equipped first aid kit at the ready should an unforeseen event occur. When packing your first aid kit be sure to pack: bandages, saline solution, one pair of tweezers or forceps, a rescue blanket, disposable gloves and an instant eye pack.

There are numerous places where you can order a pre-made complete first aid kit before you start your 4WD journey.

Suspension kit

4WDs require a specific level of suspension to ensure safety and improve riding comfort. 

In order to prepare your 4WD for cross country driving, be sure that you have the appropriate 4WD suspension kit installed. Australia has extremely varied terrain conditions, so a suspension kit will allow you to have better control of your 4×4 vehicle.

Cargo Barriers

Prior to taking your 4WD for a long haul trip, it’s important to ensure that your vehicle is properly set up for the road with a 4WD cargo barrier.

Sometimes when on the track you may encounter instances that require sudden emergency braking or in rare circumstances, your vehicle may rollover. This can become extremely dangerous if you have loose cargo in your 4WD. Barriers help protect you and any passengers from any cargo that may be thrust forward during a sudden brake or collision.

Dual Battery

The last thing you want when far off the beaten track is to have a flat battery.

A 4WD dual battery is perfect for anyone who plans on taking their vehicle on long journeys. This battery will not only help to keep the vehicle powered for the trip, but will also power your appliances, such as a portable fridge.

Fridge or an esky

If you’re using your 4WD for a long haul drive you’re no doubt going to get hungry and thirsty.

Having a fridge or esky is a great way to keep your drinks cool and your food fresh. There are a variety of fridges and eskies available, and the type you need will depend on the length of your trip. If you’re travelling in remote areas where you are far away from help, you need to make sure that you have enough food and water to keep yourself healthy in case of an emergency.

Alternatively, eskies and iceboxes are a great power-free option to keep your food and drinks cool, simply with the aid of ice bags or blocks. Always make sure your fridge or esky has bottles of water if you don’t have other water storage containers with you.

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