Do Electric Cars Require More Maintenance?

With the downsides of petrol and diesel fuels becoming more evident, hybrid and electric vehicles (EVs) are emerging as an appealing choice for road users. As well as having higher green credentials than their conventional counterparts, they also score points for being cheaper to run, with powering up costing a fraction of conventional fueling per kilometre. 

Even in light of these benefits, EVs are still far from the norm, partly due to their higher purchase cost.

Understandably, then, questions abound on the subject of electric car maintenance, with many would-be buyers wary of making the switch. How prone are these vehicles to breaking down? Who can service them? Will, it cost more in the long run?

Are EVs harder to service?

It’s true that servicing an electric car requires specialist knowledge, and many workshops simply don’t have this – not to mention experience, tools and parts specific to these vehicles. Don’t let this deter you, though. Chances are that finding an electric car mechanic will only become easier over the coming years, with rising demand spurring more mechanics to become skilled in this area.

The reality is that an electric motor is no more complex than the internal combustion engine used in petrol and diesel cars.

If anything, it’s a simpler mechanism, having fewer parts that can wear out, plus no oil, spark plugs or fuel filters to be changed. All other factors being equal, an electric vehicle should need less maintenance than a conventional one – especially if it’s properly looked after from the start. 

What about the battery? 

The cost of replacing batteries has been another common concern among prospective EV owners. However, reports show that replacement battery costs dropped by around 80% between 2010 and 2016. Battery technology continues to develop rapidly, delivering units with more range at lower prices. 

Additionally, many EVs have a driver display that shows how much energy is being drawn from the battery in real-time, which can often result in drivers adopting a lower-impact and more economical driving style in order to preserve their battery’s lifespan.

This helps minimise wear and tear of parts such as brakes and tyres, keeping overall maintenance costs down. 

What’s the takeaway?

If you’re lucky enough to own an electric vehicle, servicing it regularly is essential – as is the case with any petrol or diesel vehicle. 

Provided that you bring your vehicle to a suitably equipped workshop, maintaining your EV should be no more of a hassle than maintaining a conventional car. Just be aware that not all mechanics are trained in working on electric cars, or have the specific knowledge needed to carry out servicing and repairs, so make sure you find one with the right experience. 

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