5 Signs Your Car Air Con Needs Repair

Your car’s air conditioner provides the relief you need during the summer heat and has numerous benefits for your vehicle.

It is easy to forget about your air conditioner until something goes wrong. 

To avoid the discomfort and possible long term issues of an improperly functioning car air conditioner, it is important to be aware of the warning signs that your car air con needs repair before the issue becomes more serious.

Here at Highfields Mechanical we have compiled a list of signs that it’s time to visit your local mechanic.

1. Your aircon no longer cools down your car

The most noticeable sign that your air con needs repairing is that it is not performing its necessary function of creating a cool climate inside your car. 

Your car may be less cool due to weak airflow. Weak airflow indicates the air is struggling to make it through the vents due to a blockage such as mold or a damaged ventilation fan. 

2. Unusual sounds

Unusual sounds coming from your car are often an obvious sign that it’s time to visit a mechanic. 

When you turn on your air conditioner you may hear banging or rattling sounds, rather than the sound of air flow.

This indicates there may be an issue with a broken fan belt or condenser, or debris clogging your fan. 

If you hear any unusual sounds, it is pivotal you book your car in for a car air conditioning service to prevent further problems.

Photo Of A Car Air Conditioner

3. Unpleasant odors

Unpleasant and burning odors coming from your air con vent indicate different but equally troubling issues if left untreated.

Unpleasant smells are a clear warning that something is not right with your car air conditioning system. The smell will often indicate that mold is growing within the system, which calls for an immediate professional clean of your car air conditioner so as to not promote respiratory problems for yourself and your passengers.

Do not hesitate to get a car air con repair if you notice any unpleasant odors coming from your vents. 

4. Leaking dashboard

A leaking dashboard and water stains on the mat of your car demonstrates that a hose in your car is clogged or split.

A clogged hose means that your car is unable to drain the air conditioning moisture out of the bottom, instead straining inside your vehicle. 

If you notice water on the front floor mats or leaking down the dashboard, this is a serious indication that there are issues with your car air conditioner that must be tested by a mechanic.

5. Slow to cool

If your air con is cooling your car down significantly slower than it should, it’s likely due to insufficient refrigerant through leakage or prolonged use.

The experienced mechanics at Highfields can promptly service your system and conduct a car aircon regas. Leaking refrigerant causes strain on your air conditioning system making it less efficient at cooling your vehicle.

At Highfields Mechanical, your comfort and safety is our priority. Through the regular maintenance of your vehicle and car air conditioning services we ensure your cooling system is working efficiently to keep you comfortable and safe in the summer months.

If you believe you may be in need of a car air conditioning service, Toowoomba residents need look no further than Highfields Mechanical.

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