CampBoss – Your Ultimate 4WD Accessories

Your safety during your offroad adventure comes down to three key factors – the driving conditions, the location and the gear you bring with you. 

Before you go offroading, touring or beach driving, it is important to consider which accessories you’re going to need during your trip. As some of Australia’s best offroading tracks are in extremely remote locations, it’s important to keep in mind your need for comfort and safety when offroading on your next 4×4 offroad adventure.

At Highfields Mechanical, we are your local 4×4 mechanic and experts in all things 4WD accessories, servicing and repairs.

Be prepared for your next offroad adventure

To be prepared for your next offroad adventure, you might need these four all4adventure accessories. This isn’t a complete list of what you should bring on your trip, but here are some of our favourites:

Bush Mechanic Bundle

The Bush Mechanic Bundle is here to help you get out of a sticky situation. In scenarios where your vehicle gets into trouble and you don’t have access to a mechanic, the bush mechanic bundle is a lifesaver.

It includes a CampBoss 4×4 tyre repair kit and a 4×4 multitool so that you can fix your tyres on the side of the dirt track. 

Repairing or changing your tyres requires some preexisting knowledge, so it’s important to make sure that you know how to change a tyre and use the Bush Mechanic Bundle before you leave for your 4×4 offroad adventure.

Premium Adventure Recovery System

The Premium Adventure Recovery System is likely what you’ll need in the midst of a serious bog or in a situation where your 4×4 vehicle is stuck in place. 

With safety in mind, offroad drivers will be able to winch or recover their car using high-quality straps, with the strap’s minimum breaking strength being anywhere between two to three times the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM).

Including a Kinetic Recovery Rope, Winch Extension Rope, Soft Shackles and a Tree Protector, the Premium Adventure Recovery System is our go-to when getting out of tough situations. 

Boss Multi-Wrench

The Boss Multi-Wrench is your go-to tool to fix any little problems in your car or campsite. 

Featuring an adjustable pipe wrench and spanner, plus a saw, ruler, LED light and five-piece screwdriver set, the Boss Multi-Wrench can get you out of trouble if you know how to use it. 

Become familiar with your Boss Multi-Wrench and how to use it before you go on your trip, to avoid any dangerous and unknown situations. It is also vital that you get your 4WD serviced by a qualified 4×4 mechanic before you leave for any offroading adventure. 

Boss Camp Light

If you choose to camp overnight in between offroad adventures, the Boss Camp Light is a must for your visibility and comfort.

The light uses high-intensity LED technology in both bug-free yellow and white to light up an entire campsite, ensuring that you have much-needed light when you’ve parked up for the evening. 

Your local 4×4 accessories distributor

At Highfields Mechanical, we are the number one local distributor of all4adventure CampBoss products. As expert 4×4 mechanics, we know just how important it is to have the right equipment with you during your offroading adventure, and CampBoss products are just that. 

Before your next trip, contact our experienced team for expert advice and to check if your 4X4 is ready to keep you safe for a fun offroad trip. 

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